The Righteous Nehemiah of KMBI-PCO Unmasked

Today, our happy thoughts about the coming long weekend were rudely interrupted by a posting on Youtube of a video of the KMBI-PCO group – now reduced to less than 10 sorry-looking individuals – denouncing the rebellion of a group led by erstwhile ally Fr. Among Ed Panlilio and Grace Bautista et al.

And so the cat is out of the bag. This sordid turn of events over at KMBI-PCO only confirms what we’ve been saying all along: Noel M. Alcaide and his ilk had been helping themselves with the funds of the corporation with wild abandon.

Now that their hands had been caught in the cookie jar they are playing their last card – their last dying and desperate move– flashing for all to see their perjured act of amending the articles of incorporation of the KMBI. Charges for perjury had in fact been filed against the implicated members of the PCO Board before the Office of the City Prosecutor of the City of Manila, as the perjured documents were notarized in Manila. Additional charges will be filed against their collaborators at the Securities and Exchange Commission Baguio City Extension Office, where they surreptitiously carried out the amendments, in violation of the rules of the SEC itself.

In the next few days, a full accounting of how they perjured and falsified documents will be made.

Meanwhile, we assure our officers, staff and clients that the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the other concerned government agencies had been duly informed about these criminal acts committed by the so-called Righteous Nehemiah of KMBI who had been caught stealing KMBI’s money for the benefit of his “First Family.” Their illegal acts will not go far, that much is certain.

Bautista et al., are correct to disassociate themselves from the KMBI-PCO, in the wake of their discovery of the plunder of its funds by Alcaide and his First Family. But they are wrong in thinking that they can also get away with stealing funds and resources that belong to KMBI to establish an entirely new entity or even to join Fr. Panlilio’s mother microfinance institution. In due time, everyone involved will be held to account before the courts.

Fr. Panlilio, who is supposedly an advocate of good governance, should know better than further involve himself in the sorry state of affairs brought about by Alcaide in the KMBI. He and his factotum Noel Alipio have lost any legal personality they could still lay a claim to in connection with KMBI, after they were expelled by the same group who invited them to join the KMBI-PCO Board in the first place, for siding with the party who now holds the money bag, Bautista et al. If Fr. Panlilio still has some measure of self-respect left, he should advise Bautista et al to turn over the renegade branches they have taken with them to the rightful and incumbent board of KMBI. We advise him to do so pronto, before it is too late for him.

The end of the criminal adventurism of Alcaide et al., is only a matter of time.

The implosion within its ranks – as emphatically stressed by the video they just posted on Youtube – can only mean that it shall happen sooner than later.

KMBI's New Corporate Uniform Implemented

KMBI rolled out the full implementation of its corporate uniform for all regular employees last October 12, 2015. Kindly refer to the pictures down below for the prescribed uniform schedules:






Blouse (blue w/stripe and salmon lining)
Pants( blue w/ stripe)

Short-sleeve Polo (Salmon)
Pants (brown)


Blouse (blue w/stripe and white lining)
Pants( blue w/ stripe)

Shirt Jack (Dark Blue w/ white embroidery)
Pants (Black)


Shirt Jack (Grey)
Pants (Black)

Shirt Jack (Grey)
Pants (Charcoal Grey)


Shirt Jack (blue)
Pants (Black)

Shirt Jack (blue)
Pants (Black)


Smart Casual
(minimum of short-sleeve blouse, jeans and rubber shoes)

Smart Casual (minimum of short-sleeve polo, jeans and rubber shoes)

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